• Assistant Planner Program

    Assistant Planner Program

    Position as a Team Assistant Planner

    We are thrilled to present our mini-training to Assistant Planners for learning experience before joining our Certified Event Planner Team. Not a piece or sample but full access to the entire basis step by step training. We have this practice because we know once you experience our basic training you’ll see why people want to join our team and why we're one of the top event planning company and trainers solution in the marketplace out there. Whether you are wanting to apply to become a team event planner or an inexperienced individual looking to advance your career in the event industry, quality training is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity.

Team Development

Knowledge, Path, and Opportunities

This planners position guides below will help you understand the levels that's been created for all our planner members, making sure we teach them what they need to know as as team member here at The Eventz Team and also for us to learn about their specific goals for your new career with us. In the past, education in the industries ( weddings, parties and corporate events). However, a lot of knowledge and how to perform has changed and will continue over time; It's been taken more seriously, and as the industry becomes more and more competitive, being educated, training, about the different roles and duties in the industry are the only way to start off your business as being certified!
Team Development

What are The Difference Planner Levels?

No experience needed as a Assistant Planner, just passion for bringing people together to celebrate. We will work together behind the scenes of the world of events so you can understand how to be a great team planner, think like one and workflow of events like one. Go on-site to jobs so that you can gain real-world experience and build your portfolio while learning.

Trainee Level

Team Planner in Progress

This trainee level of an Assistant Planner, is to further your education about the industry and how we work here at the Eventz Team (The) company. Whether you are new to the industry or are an experienced professional wedding, party or corporate planner to start of by having the knowledge on how we work as a team, and refreshing and learning new skills. You must take it upon yourself by applying for the Assistant Planner and to learn in all areas as a team player before you even begin to apply as a certified team event planner and start a business in the field. To get started become a team event planner right away, you simply must learn how we plan events and understanding role in the industry and as a team! This trainee level is a start for you gain and refresh your knowledge and what are the first to the last steps. You must take it upon yourself to learn everything you can by applying for the Assistant Planner. This doesn't make you an instant team event planner, and it certainly doesn't mean you can open your own business just yet. This training level enables you to head out into the field, armed with the knowledge and terminology you need to start a successful career with us.

Professional Level

Team Planner In Business

Our Professional level opens many doors and opportunities to become team event planner here at The Eventz Team. Added more services and gain new knowledge to your career sets you apart from being both skilled and experienced, and gives you a potential edge over the competition. In the event planning industry, the training is not a short-cut to events education; but a measure of how much you already know. Our Professional Level training is made to professional development, obtain credits for salary advancement, or simply satisfy a desire to grow professionally and obtain new knowledge and to ideal services as a Certified. This training level is for assistant planners completed their levels steps and has least 1 to 2 years of work experience in the industry or has planned numbers of events, with a having a complete understanding of how to plan those events and is ready to run your business. Which this training level, you are certified to perform and create events. For most people, going back to college or university isn't an option; and to be honest, I don't think it's worth it anyway. Of course, if you are just heading to college, then it's vitally important to get a degree! But if you've been out of school for a number of years, it's not worth it go back the learn an event planning course when you can learn and work for a company that as interest ongoing growth in your career; besides, there are very few schools with event planning programs anyway and this is why we offer this opportunity to our candidates and members here at The Eventz Team.
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    The most important thing to understand when you start a career : You simply cannot start without having company training a get a job and be booked or apply as a certified event planner unless you already have learned the step by steps of our team event planning and how to run your business, it doesn't matter if you have a degrees or not: We are unable to put you out there knowing nobody going to hire you -either a client or a companies for their events and then not expect you to be trained on how to plan their events and run a business. We must work, and talk the same language as a certified team.